SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix, Compost and Liquid Fertiliser

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SeaGreens products are developed and produced by Horticultural and Landscape Supplies in Tasmania from Tasmanian a range of local ingredients. With over 30 years experience in the industry, HALS are experts in producing top quality products for the home garden and commercial horticultural industries. These certified organic products are made from local, sustainable sources, and actively reduce the amount of waste materials in landfill.

Our premium products can be trusted to provide results for your special plants whether they be foliage, flower, or fruit! Whether you require a potting mix, compost for your garden or production system, or a liquid seaweed spray to promote healthy root and shoot activity, SeaGreens has you covered.

Horticultural and Landscape Supplies is a supplier of a wide range of bulk and bagged potting mixes, mulches, composts, tree planting equipment, fertilisers, landscape supplies, and many more garden essentials. For more information please contact us on 6263 4688, visit our, or drop by at 45 Crooked Billet Drive, Brighton Industrial Estate.

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SeaGreens Premium Potting Mix "For Foliage, Flower or Fruit"
for Foliage, Flower or Fruit!
Manufactured by: Horticultural & Landscape Supplies (Hals')
45 Crooked Billet Drive Brighton Tasmania 7030 Australia
Ph 03 6263 4688 Fax 03 6263 4699

Horticultural and Landscape Supplies "Helping Tasmania grow since 1982"

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